Monday, November 22, 2010

Danny Trejo Machete Action Figure!

Who would have thought that Danny Trejo would look good as a doll? Well, here he is as the fearsome Machete from the Robert Rodriguez film opus, Machete! Danny Trejo used to play only the extra or the bad guy, but in Machete, well, he's still "bad," but now he's the leading man who gets to save the girl and wipe out all the others who are "badder" because of what they did to him. It's all for entertainment and fans would say Danny Trejo in Machete is a first for the former bodybuilder who's now one very bankable action star.And you know what firsts mean - collectibles that get valuable in time!

This Machete 9-inch figure has got what it takes to be a classic and expensive collectible after several decades. If you plan on making a few big bucks when you grow up, maybe this is the time to buy because this Machete figure is really so temptingly cool and a real bargain too!

Click here or on the image to purchase this detailed Danny Trejo Machete action figure.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sucker Punch Babydoll Statue Guys Go For

Zack Snyder knows what appeals to guys who grew up with action cartoons and anime. As the director of Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, and 300, he also knows what makes a movie visually appealing. Fans have seen in 300 how the ancient Spartans, with their chiseled abs and gleaming teeth, lost a crucial battle; and in Watchmen they saw how superheroes saved the day in their tights and trench coats.

Now, Zack Znyder has come up with what he calls "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns" in the movie Sucker Punch, starring Emily Browning as Amber/Babydoll, a character with a dual personality who loses herself in an imaginary world where she fights as a superhero girl with a ninja sword and automatic weapons. Of course she has to wear a black and white schoolgirl outfit. With her blond hair and soft eyes, Browning is the perfect live action anime girl and you can expect her to do a lot of the things that ore often seen done by anime action girls! Like what you see? Then you can order the official Sucker Punch 18" Babydoll Statue that's oozing with exquisite and sexy detail in high quality polystone!

But you have to realize that this doll isn't for little girls or boys. It's for hardcore collectors who intend to keep a masterpiece for their own viewing satisfaction. Just click here or on the image of Babydoll to place your order.

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